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Please read the following terms & conditions as they will tell you everything you need to know about the agreement you will enter into once you accept a quotation from Diamond Drainage Scotland Ltd., to carry out drainage services.

  1. Diamond Drainage will charge either for Hourly Rate Work or Fixed Price Work.

  2. Hourly work will include labour and equipment.

  3. All charges are subject to VAT.

  4. The Hourly Rate depends upon the work you required and does not include materials.

  5. The Fixed Price Quotation will include hours and materials.

  6. The price quoted for Fixed Price Work is open for acceptance for 30 days providing that the work can be commenced within 60 days, but If you decide that you would like us to commence work after this time, we will let you know if there has been a change in the price requiring a revised quotation and the reasons why.

  7. Invoices are due for payment immediately upon completion of work. Any invoice or part thereof shall accrue interest at the rate of 4% over base rate until the invoice is paid in full.

  8. Where we agree with you the date and time for the work to be carried our representative shall use his best endeavours to ensure that he attends at that date and time. However we accept no liability for the non-attendance or late attendance of our representative or for the late delivery of materials from our suppliers.

  9. The time estimate provided for is our best estimate of the likely time scale required for the work and we cannot accept liability for any cost, losses or expense of whatever nature incurred by you as a result of any delays outside of our control.

  10. If you are a tenant, you may need your landlord’s permission to carry out the work covered by the quotation. Diamond Drainage will assume that you have obtained such permission. Diamond Drainage shall not have any liability for any loss or damage
    however arising from failure to obtain such permission.

  11. The work will be carried out in a professional manner but Diamond Drainage cannot be held liable for any damage unavoidably caused to decorations, fittings and the like as a result of installing/maintaining any new or existing equipment as specified in the quotation or removing, replacing or disturbing existing pipe work, appliances, tanks, cylinders or other fixtures and fittings.

  12. Diamond Drainage shall not have any liability for any failure to perform its obligations under this quotation/invoice if it is prevented from doing so by causes reasonably beyond its control, including unforeseen circumstances, such as industrial disputes, strikes, lock-outs, fire, accidents, war or problems with the fabric of the building including the roof, or problems with goods being delivered on time by a third party.

  13. Diamond Drainage shall not have any liability for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage or loss of profit with the exception of damage for death or personal injury. The total liability of Diamond Drainage under this agreement shall not exceed the
    price paid. Further, should any additional work be required as a result of such unforeseen circumstances, you will be responsible for meeting the costs of such work.
    All work carried out by Diamond Drainage carries a full 12 months guarantee on our workmanship. Guarantees on materials run in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty periods where applicable. In the event of a failure beyond the guarantee period we will be happy to investigate the cause and recommend a solution but charges will apply for remedial work outside the guarantee period.

  14. Workmanship is only guaranteed where payment of the invoice is made in full.

  15. This guarantee does not apply where work is carried out to poor quality installations or installations which are over 10 years old.

  16. External drains, gutters and plumbing works exposed to the weather elements are not covered by any Diamond Drainage warranties, all liability rests with the material supply warranty and the property owner.

  17. Should you cancel your order at any time prior to the commencement of the work, Diamond Drainage will retain any paid deposit as a contribution towards any costs which it has incurred or the cost of parts and materials.

  18. A quotation/invoice cannot be varied except in writing by Diamond Drainage.

  19. It is your responsibility to ensure that materials and tools held at your premises are safe and secure. Any losses of materials and tools on site are chargeable.

  20. Title to materials or goods will not pass from Diamond Drainage to you until payment of our invoice is made in full. Until payment is made Diamond Drainage has the absolute right to repossess the material or goods and deal with the material or goods as it wishes.

  21. Completed work may be photographed and used by Diamond Drainage who own the copyright to such photographs.

  22. We reserve the right to decline any work.

  23. These Terms and Conditions shall govern the contract between Diamond  Drainage and you and shall prevail over any other communications (written or oral) between Diamond Drainage and you.

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