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Drain Repairs And Installations
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Do you have a broken, collapsed drain or tree root pipe damage, Diamond Drainage has a dedicate team you can trust to locate, diagnose and fix the problem.  We take health and safety seriously  and you can be guaranteed that due care and consideration will be taken at all times to ensure the least disruption to your business.

Drain repair Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Drain And Sewer Repairs Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Broken, Collapsed, Tree Root Damage Drain Repair 
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Our excavation team is fully experienced in excavation and repairs, whether the job is large or small we offer a comprehensive repair plan, ensuring that we plan, manage and implement the repair and reinstate your drain in the shortest time possible and with the minimal disruption to the area affected, surrounding areas and your business.​


Due care and consideration will be taken at all times to ensure the least disruption at your property

  • Provide a detailed plan of work required

  • Ensure work will be completed in a timely manner

  • Advice of the best suitable practice and technique

How To Know If A Drain Repair Is Required

Signs A Drain Needs Further Investigation
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Being able to diagnose drain issues correctly is vital to ensuring that your drains can be effectively repaired to prevent future problems.  Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a blocked drainand one that is damaged, there are a few signs that are indicate that your drain may need repaired. Some problems that may indicate a damaged drain may include: 

  • The drain remains blocked after repeated attempts to unblock it 

  • The drains are leaking or have visible damage, or cracks, along the pipes 

  • Damp or mould coming through the walls and concrete floor.  

  • The land on top of the drain is soft underfoot or is marshy. 

  • The drains, or sewage is backing up through the system.  

  • Signs of a pest or rodent infestation which could be due to pipe damage making an entrance for them into the system. 

Diamond drainage Drain Repair Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire
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