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Culvert Cleaning
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Culverts are essential for maintaining the structural integrity of roads, railways, and numerous other structures.  It is essential that they are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis in order to preserve their safe operation. 

Culvert Maintenance And Cleaning

Culvert Regular Maintenance
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Culverts require regular maintenance and inspections to allow the stormwater to flow without restriction and preventing flooding.  Diamond Drainage provide cleaning and inspection services to any size of diameter and construction.

Culverts can become blocked with obstructions, following a period of heavy rainfall or storms. Build-ups of sediment occur and show signs of erosion which all affects the overall functioning of the culvert. Drainage culverts should be regularly assessed to make sure they continue to carry the water away sufficiently.


Tanker  Cleaning

Diamond Drainage tankers are equipped with the necessary equipment to clean even the most complex culvert systems, with our high-pressure water jetting and strong liquid ring vacuums we can ensure that the culverts are cleaned and maintained to a high quality level.

Culvert Cleaning And Inspection
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Inspection by various means depending on the size, location and construction, this can be done by man-entry, floatation equipment and CCTV.

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