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Drain Mapping And Location
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Drain Mapping also known as asset mapping, Diamond Drainage use innovative technology to accurately plot the location of various drainage and sewer networks to determine the location of pipes, manholes, gullies to provide a tailored drainage site map and the structual integrity of pipework.

Drain Mapping Asset Tracing Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Drain Tracing And Asset Mapping

Mapping and Locating Drainage
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Many buildings don't have up to date drainage plans and over time alterations or additions to the drainage system has been done and the existing plans have not been updated to record the changes.

When considering an extension or alterations to property, it's vital that you are aware of the route of the drainage system to gain planning permission or to avoid costly mistakes when the building work is in process.

Diamond Drainage Drain Mapping Service provides the opportunity to update this important information and will essentially prevent non-disruptive or damage to the drainage infrastructure, prior to construction work.

Drain And Sewer Location 

Mapping and Locating Drainage
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Older residential and commercial properties have no record of what and where their drainage and sewer works are within the property boundary.

We use state-of-the-art CCTV Technology to survey the drainage runs and from the information gathered, we produce an accurate and comprehensive survey of the drainage system, inclusive of schematics and survey sheets.

From  our extensive survey and investigation, we detail all internal and external drainage runs, size, connections and where manhole and inspection chambers are located and the direction of water flow. 

Drain mapping Aberdeen and aberdeenshire
Sonar Tracing Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Sonar Tracing And Pipe Location

Innovative TechnologyAberdeen and Aberdeenshire

The process of sonar drain tracing consists of electrical pulses transmitted by specialist equipment to discover what is going on underground. Various features of drain networks can be identified by this method, including the hidden manholes and collapsed pipes.

Sonar drain tracing can be used in conjunction with CCTV survey cameras for the purpose of diagnostic activity.  By using highly accurate equipment, we can get a very thorough view of what is going on below the ground. The approach is particularly useful when access is restricted.

  • Laser Profiling

  • Topographical Mapping

  • Sewer Mapping

  • GPS Mapping

  • Water Flow Testing

  • CCTV Survey

  • Dye Testing

  • Pipe Location

  • Sonar Tracing

  • Drain Charting

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