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Drain Lining
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Drain Lining is the go to method for repairing drains and pipework, it has immense benefits in relation to cost, time and removes the inconvenience of costly excavations and mess.  Diamond Drainage relining team with this revolutionary no-dig technology is the proven way to repair drains at the minumum of cost.

Drain relining Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Drain Relining Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Cost Effecive Alternative to Trditional Drain Repairs
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Drain Lining is a cost effective alternative to the traditional excavation and repair methods with its innovative and trenchless CIPP technology. The point repair process eliminates the need for digging by utilising a process that creates a pipe within a pipe with minimal change to the original diameter and structurally rehabilitating the drain and sewer,

Drain and Sewer Relining Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

  • No costly excavation of surfaces

  • Minimum disruption and down time

  • Suitable for diameter ranges 100 to 1200mm

  • Able to negotiate bends and offset joints

  • Continuous section – no potential weak spots at joins

  • All types of pipe material can be considered for renovation

  • Lining systems available for runs containing diameter changes

  • Increased flow rates

  • Prevents tree root infestation

Diamond Drainage Aberdeen Drain Relining


Drain Relining Aberdeen


Drain Lining Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Drain Relining Benefits
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

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