Drain Repairs

In Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Excavation and Repair

Drains over time can become damaged and can result in drain collapse, blocked or leaking drains.  Remedial works need to be done to make sure that normal functions of the drains are resumed.

Tree Roots can also pose a risk to drainage, roots can penetrate the walls of the pipes, even natural ground movement can displace joints causing regular blockages.  Diamond Drainage can Inspect, Repair and Renew your drainage.

  • Pin point exact location of repair required

  • Drain repair with minimum disruption

  • Manhole repairs

Health and Safety

Diamond Drainage takes health and safety seriously, you can be guaranteed that due care and consideration will be taken at all times to ensure the least disruption at your property.

  • Provide a detailed plan of work required

  • Ensure work will be completed in a timely manner

  • Advice of the best suitable practice and technique

No Dig Technology

Diamond Drainage can carry out fast, effective and cost efficient repairs without excavation.  Displaced Joints, Fractures, Cracks, Tree Root Damage, Collapsing Pipework and other faults can be repaired by patch relining. 


This method can restore the integrity of the pipe run and prevents further deterioration.  This revolutionary method can also be used under building's where excavation would be impractical and very costly.

  • Repairs are done inside the pipe

  • No reinstatement of the ground required 

  • Cost effective

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