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Home Buyers Drain Surveys
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Drainage is out of sight and out of mind until a problem occurs, when buying a new home, the seller provides a survey valuation but this does not include the condition of the drainage underground.   We provide a comprehensive homebuyers drainage survey to establish structural problems that can cause costly expense once the house has been purchased.

Home Buyers Drain Survey Aberdeen

Drain Survey Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Buying a new home is a costly process, however the seller provides the survey, but the drains do not come into this survey process.  New home owners can prevent costly repairs to the drains of their new property by having a drainage survey done prior to purchase.

Home Buyers Drain Survey and Inspection
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Diamond Drainage can provide a structural report on the condition of the drainage at the property for a minimal cost to ensure no costly expense awaits once settled into your new home - when out of sight is sometimes out of mind.

  • Establishes Any Structural Problems

  • Can identify any subsidence

  • Identify Rodent Infestation

  • Tree Roots damage in the drainage system

CCTV Drain Survey Report Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Diamond Drainage provide a full comprehensive report on the condition of the drains and pipes in your potential new home. The reports will provide the condition of the drainage system, with full footage of the survey together with still photographs of any defects found.  A remedial cost and plan will be included, should any defects be found.

  • Still Photographs of any problem areas

  • A plan with the layout of the drainage from the household.

  • Full Structural Report

  • An electronic Report encompassing footage and report straight to your inbox.

  • Detailed Plan with any remedial work required.

Condition Of Drains And Structural Integrity
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

CCTV Survey Report Aberdeen

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