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Safe Gutter Cleaning

Prepare for winter, make sure all gutters are clear from moss, leaves and debris. Diamond Drainage Vacuum Cleaning System removes all the risks associated with working from ladders, Hydraulics Lifts and scaffolding.

The vac system provides a quick, safe and cost effective solution and is operated from ground level for all gutter cleaning, accessing over outbuildings, conservatories with its easy reach system and has an on board camera for precision cleaning.

The vac system has many benefits and features

  • Unique design removes the need for expensive high access equipment, scaffolding and removes the risk of working at heights from a ladder

  • No mess, the system removes the debris utilising a powerful wet and dry vaccum system.

  • On board camera making sure all blockages and debris are removed

  • Easy access to restricted areas such as areas above conservatories, outbuildings etc

  • Cost effective cleaning method

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