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What Is A Homebuyers Drainage Survey

Although remaining outside the prospective home buyers attention, functional drainage is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy household. A pre-purchase drainage survey identifies drain problems prior to purchase.

Common Drain and Pipe Problems

Fractured Pipes, Collapsed Drains, Leaks, Broken Manholes, Tree Root Intrusions are just a few of the common drain and pipe problems that the prospective purchaser can acquire from the previous owners with pre existing drainage problems. Repairs can be costly, when you least need them, especially after purchasing a new home with all the associated expense that goes with it.

The Survey and Inspection

With the use of CCTV Technology all surface water and waste water drainage is surveyed and manholes inspected. Full video of the survey is recorded and a full comprehensive report is compiled, highlighting any defects and structural problems present. A detailed remedial plan with cost will be provided.

The Survey Will Show

  • Any Structural Problems

  • Can identify any subsidence

  • Identify Rodent Infestation

  • Tree Roots damage within the drainage system

The Report

  • Still Photographs of any problem areas

  • A plan with the layout of the drainage from the household.

  • Full Structural Report

  • An electronic Report encompassing footage and report straight to your inbox.

  • Detailed Plan with any remedial work required.

With the footage of the survey and the clear and concise report, if there are any structural defects present, it may be possible for the house cost to be negotiated to account for the remedial works.

If you are thinking of purchasing a property and want further details and information on our Home Buyers Drainage Survey - Call Us On (01224) 701788

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