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Getting To The Root Of The Issue

Tree roots in drainage pipework is common. Root ingress in drains can become a serious matter if it goes untreated. The roots put pressure on the pipework can cause cracks in the pipes with severe drain blockages. Usually you’ll need a professional opinion to diagnose root ingress and this is where Diamond Drainage - excellent reputation and experience can help!

Why is Tree Roots Attracted to Drains?

Tree roots will spread out in search of water and find the condensation of the outer wall of the drainage pipes - which attracts the tree roots. The pressure that the roots put on the drains can cause cracks and fractures. If there is existing damage to your drains such as open joints etc., this will allow the roots even easier access into your drains. Most drain pipes hold little resistance against root ingress.

Overcoming Tree Related Drainage Issues

Diamond Drainage can offer remedial work to remove the roots and repair any defects that they have caused to the drain.

  • CCTV Survey of drains

A CCTV Survey will give you a complete picture of your drains and will identify the problems. A full report of the findings and a list of all the problems and their locations, with photos of the damage, video footage and a plan of the drains will be provided upon completion.

  • Root Removal

High pressure water jetting can remove all the roots from the drain and depending on the location and access we can also use electro-mechanical equipment for removal.

  • Remedial Repairs

Depending on the extend of the damage, hopefully the roots are removed prior to causing collapse of the drain line and any open joints and minor defects can be relined without a costly excavation.

Diamond Drainage offer a 24 hours service to resolve your problems. Our years of experience and our highly qualified Engineers are always available for any drainage issue. Speak to one of our friendly engineers for advice or a quotation on 01224 701788


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