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Going Paperless

Diamond Drainage has deployed the latest mobile worker and cloud technology as part of our paperless system that connects mobile apps to back-office management software. The 5 in 1 solution combines customer service (CRM), job scheduling and invoicing software with real-time vehicle tracking and smartphone apps, revolutionising the way we work having a very significant impact on our efficiency and productivity with our fleet of vehicles and our team of field service engineers covering Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands.

The paperless system provides us with a single system to manage the entire business digitally, from the initial call out to invoicing and management reporting. Using the paperless back-office, Diamond Drainage can log incoming calls on the CRM for optimised scheduling of the most suitable resource by skill, equipment and location. For our clients who have different service level agreements the Job Watch handles all this complexity with ease as we can easily set up different job sheets with the appropriate service conditions, certifications and other reports required.

Job Watch will also help speed up quotations and invoicing. Job Sheets are completed by engineers onsite and the office is immediately notified of any additional service required and quotations can be raised within 24 hours. Being real-time and paperless, it frees up more time for customer service and sales work and is central to our plans to grow our business.

Diamond Drainage will also use this software to improve environmental and safety credentials. With vans clocking up thousands of miles a year, the tracking devices will provide valuable data to reduce fuel consumption – and the carbon footprint – through better job planning, route optimisation and better driving.


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