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An Alternative To Excavations

Patch Repairs are small sections of cured in place liners, great for the use in small sections of pipework that is damaged.

How Is It Done ?

A CCTV Survey is conducted to get the exact measurements and establish the structural problem, once this is done the section of the liner to repair the damage is attached to a packer and placed within the pipework. The packer is then inflated to form a tight bond, between the patch and pipeline wall where the damage is located and then left to cure. When ready and cured, the packer is then deflated and removed from the pipework, leaving a smooth structural patch securely in place.

The Benefits - No Costly Digging Up !

  • Available on pipe diameter from 150 mm to 1200 mm

  • length usually 1000 mm to 1500 mm

  • Perfect lining application on short and isolated section of a pipeline that is damaged.

  • Damaged laterals can also be repaired.

  • Only damaged area needs repaired

  • Repair can be completed in a few hours

  • No disruptive excavations and no damage to existing surroundings

Diamond Drainage is a Qualified and Certified Factory Trained Installer for the safe and correct installation of the No-Dig Repair System.

If you suspect your drainage has structural problems, please give us a call on 01224 701788, we are always happy to help and likely to save you time and money !

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